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<> Community News Service
The Labyrinth at Trinity Cathedral: Editor Dan Aubrey adapted my article for the Downtowner, which was previously published in U.S.1, May 2016, titled “Circle This Date to Visit a Labyrinth Near You.” This updated article focuses on a labyrinth in Trenton.

<> Educational Testing Services
I recently completed an assignment for Educational Testing Services and experienced the true value of collaboration. The end result was vastly different – but so much better — than my initial idea. I tip my hat, with a grin, to Simon Sinek who said, “Always plan for the fact that no plan ever goes according to plan.”

<> CodeWizards HQ
Sending a “Thank-You” to the students and teachers at CodeWizards HQ for sharing their adventures in the creative world of coding!

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<> Green Amendment: Social media can have its downside, but on the upside, it recently gave me the freedom to republish Freedom to Breathe. Learn more …

<> Keep America Beautiful It was great to participate in a “Keep America Beautiful” event recently. Our town was among hundreds of others that joined the nation-wide Trash Dash clean up event.