Thank You Notes

My teacher taught me to be humble
False pride comes before the stumble.
But my coach said, “Don’t be shy
When people testify.
It really is okay
To share the good things that they say.”

So to all of you who wrote
I humbly thank YOU for your thank-you note! (LR)

Lynn, You have done a wonderful job. It “speaks” and “flows.”
— From Robert Loatman on Capital City Singers

Lynn,You did a great job. You got the full understanding of the purpose of the program and presented it perfectly. Thank you for a very conscientious and thorough job. — From Bob Frawley on Master Your Memory, Be More Successful

Thank you so very much. You did a wonderful job and I truly appreciate it. You captured so much of my “mission” with my work. I’ve received very positive feedback on your writing and am passing that on to you.— From Susan Wilk on Meditation is for Everyone

Hi Lynn, Great article- love it, I’m sending it to everyone. Thank You
— From Karriem Beyah on How to Break Into Global Trade

Lynn – Good Morning!
Thank you for your write-up. It really made my morning to see my grandmother’s name and my daughter’s name in the article. I plan on framing it and putting it on my wall. Thanks Again & Make it a Great Day!!
— From Robert Hall on Outsmart the Scammers

I LOVED your story on Jianping Wang–it did all that a story can hope to do: discovering an amazing person in our midst about whom we know little, finding the childhood story that made her the person she has become, and sending us off with an important life lesson. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece.
— From Ilene Dube on The Power of Asking for Help

Thanks so much! Love the article. I’m humbled, but rather proud all the same. It’s been some week for me, I must say. That article made its way quite globally and everyone finds it to be really well written. Thanks again for that in every way.
— From Mikel Cirkus on Zen and the Art of Painting Murals (AKA: Painting Town Murals, One Shed at a Time)

I just read the article online, and I wanted to thank you. I thought you did a great job of accurately capturing what I’m about, and hopefully the article will tweak some peoples interest enough that they will come check me out at one of my live performances. Thanks again, it was a pleasure.
— From Larry Tritel: Feeling Good in Local Cafes.

Fabulous Article! Picked up a few copies today. Boy, can you write ! Thanks so much for doing a great feature and doing a shout out for our volunteers.
— From Lynne Azarchi on Kidsbridge’s New Space Keeps Door Open for Understanding

Thank you for writing such an engaging article about us. I really enjoyed reading it, and am proud to send it on to others. I thought it turned out so well, and am so pleased.
— From Kelly Rypkema on Nature Center Opens Eyes to Discovery

(Sent to editor) Please thank Lynn Robbins for all of us here, for her very special coverage of Tulpehaking and the Luna Moth! What a lovely omen – the moth still exquisite even in death, the Marsh Center risen and about to open on land that saw the healthy lives and natural deaths (though not burials) of Lenni Lenapes.
— From Carolyn Edelman on Nature Center Opens Eyes to Discovery

Wow I am so impressed with your writing and the way you focused on Charlie and Ali to integrate all that information together into a very interesting narrative. You managed to include everything we had hoped for, and make it all sound so exciting!

We are very grateful that your editors and you gifted the Trent House with such wonderful coverage.
From: Beverly Mills on More Than Your Garden-Variety Celebration

Thank you SO much for the photos. As I indicated, I don’t like to have my picture taken but you did a smashing job especially with the one showing my computer station with my website on the computer screen. Your column was very well written and you will be a true asset to US One.
— From Tom Glover on Historic Home Entertainment Center the Main Attraction at Kuser Mansion